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I'm Auburn, I'm 21, and Tumblr is pretty much my job. I'm into cool shit like feminism, fashion, animation, and anything that makes me laugh.
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Jun 21st - Jul 21st
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    And the people shipping them, just… yeah, I really hate tumblr sometimes.
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    People are disgusting.
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    I couldn’t even watch. I don’t like Lana but she didn’t deserve that. Seeing people swoon over Quinto’s ass was kind of...
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    That scene was completely and utterly disturbing.
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    Rape is not sexy. (Someone needs to tell the hentai genre this, btw.) Lana strongly considered DYING after that scene...
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    I just wanted to reblog my own post because this is excellent commentary and perfectly explains how I felt about that...
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    I don’t watch American Horror Story, but that kind of shit will not be accepted on my dash.
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    #stop #y’all need jesus
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    Look, I’m well versed in your kink might not be my kink and I understand that everyone has their own fantasies. But what...
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